2019 - 2020 Tax Season Federal Tax Calculators and Tools

TurboTax TaxCaster 2019 - 2020: Estimate Federal Taxes

Tax season can either bring about mixed anxiety or tax refund anticipation, not knowing whether you owe or how much you will get back can play with your emotions. Taking advantage of the TaxCaster tax calculator that TurboTax offers can help you determine what to expect when your ready to prepare and file your tax return.

TurboTax TaxCasterDid you withhold enough income tax from your paychecks this past year? Our tax return calculator will help you determine whether you may be receiving a federal tax refund, or if you still owe additional cash to the Internal Revenue Service.

Remember this is a federal tax estimate based on the information you provide. More accurate calculations are available by using the TurboTax Tax Calculator that is reviewed below to get more accurate figures.

High-income earners may experience an increase in federal taxes going forward due to a number of new tax law provisions like personal exemption phase-outs, itemized deduction limits, 3.8% investment income Medicare increase, etc.

With the new tax laws in place, having this extra peace of mind to turn to can help reduce a lot of the stress associated with tax season. TurboTax doesn't offer just a basic tax calculator like some other sites, their calculator provides you with each detail that is requested of you from your tax preparer.

If you're ready to tackle your own taxes, we've got some good news about calculating your income taxes and tax software that can make that process a simple reality for you. Today's' TurboTax 2019 - 2020 tax tools are filled with step-by-step guidance for calculating income tax refunds, offering support thru live chat, and even professional online tax support.

Lets start with our tax calculator options that require no personal identification information, Try One! They offer a quick and accurate way to estimate income tax liability in minutes. Our simple tax calculator below can do the trick for basic result. However, the TurboTax TaxCaster takes all tour deductions into consideration, so you don't have to come up with a net income before hand.

TurboTax and H&R Block Online Income Tax Preparation

Estimate Income Tax Liability FREE with TurboTax

Estimate Income Tax Liability FREE with H&R Block

Estimate Your Federal Tax Refund: Free 2019 - 2020 Tax Calculator

If you've never used one of these tax estimators before, you're in for a big surprise on how simple this task can be once you try it.

Plus, TurboTax Tax software can get you your refund check mailed to you, or you can choose direct deposit and have your income tax refund deposited directly into your bank account faster than you can say hot-dippity-dooda! Well maybe not that fast. But fast non-the-less. Plus, using tax calculators from the TurboTax online tax tool website is easy...

TurboTax 2019 - 2020 TaxCaster Tax Estimator Review

With the TurboTax Tax Calculator you start by entering your basic "about you" information which includes your marital status, age, dependants and child care expenses. No personal identification information is required to use this app

A Quick Tip Guide To The TurboTax TaxCaster Tax Calculator and Smart Phone App.

Next comes the income area where you enter wages, salaries and any other income like unemployment compensation.

Next you enter the amount of your taxes that have been withheld from your paychecks, or income and federal taxes that you have already paid.

You will also enter state taxes that you have already paid.

With TurboTax TaxCaster 2019 Calculator you will enter "Other Income". This is income from other sources that you may have received during the year including: Interest, Qualified Dividends, Short or Long Term Capitol Gains or Losses, Pension or IRA Distributions, Alimony, Social Security Benefits and other Misc. income.

TaxCaster App Screenshots

The TurboTax TaxCaster can track your tax liability throughout the year to ensure you have paid enough in to avoid future tax payments and penalties or interest charges.

Next on the "Your Tax Breaks" page you will be able to enter tax deductions you should be claiming to lower your net taxable income including: Home Mortgage Interest and Real Estate Taxes Paid, Charitable Donations or Contributions, Education Expenses, Retirement IRA Contributions, plus other deductions and taxes paid that can help lower your net taxable income.

Once you complete the TurboTax Tax Calculator data entries the "Final Result" page calculations show you where you stand financially.

Estimate Federal Taxes with TurboTax TaxCaster

With the TaxCaster App from TurboTax you can Estimate how much you owe or how big your refund will be in Minutes.

TurboTax Tax CalculatorsWith the TaxCaster App you work your way thru the process of declaring income and deduction to estimate you income tax liability.

Starting with your income you enter wages, salaries, business income, qualified dividends, short and long term capitol gains, IRA and pension distributions, alimony, social security and any other taxable income sources you may have.

You move on from there to enter any paycheck withholdings or quarterly tax payments that you have already made on your taxes.

After the income section you enter the tax breaks section where you will enter all you tax deductions and tax breaks that you qualify for to lower your taxable income.

With the TaxCaster App you can jump around and make changes in any section at any time. This makes it easy to recalculate at anytime.

The TurboTax TaxCaster makes it easy to find out what your financial liability is to Uncle Sam under different tax situations in minutes.

Our TurboTax TaxCaster App Review Results show us that this app is really easy to use. It sores the data so you can go back and make adjustments anytime you want. You really should give this TurboTax TaxCaster Tax Estimator Tool a try.

We highly recommend it!